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tv   Starting Point  CNN  June 5, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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they're believed to be dangerously faulty. we're going to tell you why the company is saying absolutely not. remember this? an artist drop kicks a woman in the audience while performing at the billboard music awards. lands awkwardly, to say the least. it seems she may not be doing so well. her attorney reporting she could have a neurological head injury. go ahead morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's wednesday, june 5th. welcome to "starting point." this morning we begin with major league baseball's new cheating scandal. it may be the biggest one ever. reportedly involves two former mvps. the yankees alex rodriguez and ryan braun of the milwaukee brewers. according to espn they're among 20 major leaguers facing suspension for alleged involvement with a miami area clinic that was dispensing performance enhancing drugs. the report says the clinic's founder, tony bosch, has now agreed to cooperate with baseball's investigators. pamela brown has more on this developing story. she's live for us this morning
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at yankee stadium. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, christine. we are talking about the highest paid player in baseball history as well as one of the league's most valuable players at the center of this widening steroid scandal. now, if this happens, this could be one of the largest scandals in american sports. a record breaker that no player wants to be a part of. espn is reporting that major league baseball is preparing for an unprecedented wave of player suspensions. that include yankees star alex rodriguez and the brewers' ryan braun. rodriguez, braun and some 18 other players are allegedly links to a miami area clinic at the center of an ongoing performance enhancing drug scandal. on tuesday night ryan braun refused to talk about it after his game. >> i'm not answering any further questions regarding the whole situation, you know. i've dealt with it for a long time, over the last year and a half. and aside from that i don't really have anything further to say.
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>> reporter: yankees manager joe girardi was peppered with questions at a postgame news conference. >> i think we all had hoped that we kind of got through it. but obviously we're not through it yet. >> reporter: major league baseball issued this statement following the espn story. we can't comment on an ongoing investigation. espn reports that tony bosch, the founder of this now closed clinic near miami, has reached an agreement to cooperate with the league's investigation. the miami new times first reported in january that bosch's biogenesis clinic was a pipeline to performance enhancing drugs for several players. >> it's clear that biogenesis, like a lot of anti-ageing clinics, was selling an awful lot of hgh. a number of other drugs that are widely banned in sports. >> reporter: representatives for alex rodriguez issued a denial after the january report. the news reports about the purported relationship between alex rodriguez and anthony bosch are not true. alex rodriguez was not mr. bosch's patient. he was never treated by him and
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was never advised by him. according to espn, players could be suspended for 100 games. a penalty usually given to second offenses. if upheld, the suspensions may be the largest in american sports history. a-rod fans, disappointed. >> i looked up to him when i played baseball. because he was really fwood player before and i really liked him. seeing that, it just like saddens you kind of. >> reporter: not only is the legacy of these baseball giants at stake, but more importantly, that of america's pastime. >> i worry about baseball being affected as a game. the whole thing. and what it's been through in the last 15 years. and that's my concern. >> reporter: now, a-rod admitted to using drugs when he played for the texas rangers, but he has denied using any drugs since he's been with the yankees. right now he's out recovering from an injury. but if these suspensions are upheld, no matter what, he would be out for pretty much the rest
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of the season here. just to put this in perspective, according to his contract he's making $28 million this year. we don't know if these suspensions are upheld if he would get paid or not. that's all according to his contract. again, we don't know what's going to happen here until bosch sits down with investigators. back to you. >> pamela brown, thank you, pamela. >> for more now on the stunning report about this possible cheating in baseball, we want to bring in rachel nichols. she is in miami just down the road, by the way, from this biogenesis company that is right in the middle of this all. rachel, let me start with this company, tony bosch, the man who runs it. explain to me why he is so central for major league baseball here. no athletes have tested positive for drugs that are tied to this case that we know of. >> exactly. and they found records, but, hey, anybody can write down a bunch of major league baseball players' names and make some notations against them. they need tony bosch to say what those notations mean, to swear under oath that he sold or maybe even injected these players with
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performance enhancing drugs. but they also probably need some more physical evidence from bosch. and they won't know if they're going to get that until they meet with him later this week. remember, right now it's just going to be he said versus he said. traditionally, those kinds of suspensions don't hold up in major league baseball. they're going to need phone records, receipts, maybe even something with dna evidence on it. but they don't know if they're fwoing to get that until they sit down with him. >> rachel, it's been exactly ten years, just about ten years since the balco scandal broke. that was barry bonds. jason giambi. we're ten years into this steroid mess. now there's 20 possible players, some of them big time players implicated here. is this just a huge black eye for baseball? >> yeah. certainly it's something nobody wants to see. you could say that major league baseball is taking more aggressive steps, and that's a good thing. back in the balco era or even before that, baseball was really criticized for being last to the table on this.
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for turning a blind eye. obviously they're being very aggressive. they've reportedly spent over $1 million on this investigation. had teams of people down here in miami. however, if you're at home, if you're a sports fan, and let's face it, americans love sports. it's the number one rated television show every year is the super bowl. it's disillusioning to feel like the game is rigged. and if you have two mvps who are, in essence, cheating, that's how you're sitting at home and feeling. even if you're not a sports fan, if you're a parent and you're trekking your kid to soccer practice and swim meets and little league, you have to be concerned. because kids are getting the message between lance armstrong, this kind of investigation, hey, if you want to succeed, if you want that college scholarship, if you want to make the pros, maybe you have to take drugs that are going to hurt your body. nobody wants to hear that. >> rachel, if i may, i think that's exactly why it's important for these sports to crack down when they can on this kind of cheating. so kids don't get that kind of message. because it could be very, very dangerous for them.
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rachel nichols for us this morning in miami just down the road from really what is ground zero for this incredible scandal engulfing major league baseball. thanks, rachel. to oklahoma now where authorities say 19 people were killed in last friday's storms and 2.6 miles wide. that's how big this tornado was. the national weather service says at 2.6 miles wide, the powerful ef-5 tornado that hit el reno, oklahoma, is the widest tornado ever recorded in the u.s. cnn meteorologist chad myers is live in el reno with more on that wild weather that's taking place across the country. good morning, chad. >> reporter: good morning, christine. this storm, this tornado that we had, 2.6, 2 1/2 miles wide from one side of the damage to the other, was like a carousel with horses on it. the horses going around, those were small tornadoes. and think about that going 185 miles per hour, two miles around. then those horses spinning at 110 miles per hour getting a wind speed for that storm of 295
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in some of those major vortices, those satellite vortices going around these satellite tornadoes. an incredible day there. that was friday. it's going to be another couple of days we have severe weather here in oklahoma city. but it's been a crazy couple of weeks. in may a devastating tornado ripped through moore, oklahoma. leaving 24 dead, including 7 children from a leveled elementary school. raising questions about why more storm shelters weren't available. >> there should be a place that if this ever happened again during school, that kids can get to a safe place. >> there was a tornado on the ground. >> reporter: just two weeks later this monster storm, an ef-5, touched down in el reno, oklahoma, less than 30 miles from moore. when the unthinkable happened here in moore it was a mile wide. ef-4 and ef-5 damage as far as you can see. the storm in el reno was 2.6 miles wide. twice as far as here. that's wider than the island of manhattan. and the widest tornado ever
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recorded in the u.s. the el reno storm surprised chasers by shifting directions suddenly. >> no! turn now! if you don't stop we're going to die! >> reporter: they were lucky. three other professional chasers lost their lives including tim samaras. >> amazing sight. >> reporter: he was an experienced chaser caught in this mangled car. on the west coast wildfires are raging. firefighters have battled more than 2,000 wildfires this year. nearly twice the five-year average. the powerhouse fire burning near los angeles has charred more than 32,000 acres and destroyed six homes so far. >> the flames were 200 feet high. it was -- it was horrible. we couldn't breathe. it was nothing but smoke. >> reporter: hundreds of homes are also threatened in new mexico and colorado fires. and now dangerous flooding along the missouri and mississippi rivers. several levees have been breached and officials have urged the evacuation of more than 300 residents in the st. louis area. >> i want to be safe than sorry,
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you know. i don't want to take the chances. >> reporter: more rain is forecast for that area this week. a week that also marks the official start of hurricane season. you know, even though some kids are not out on summer break, it is still spring. mother nature still says spring. we're still going to get springtime severe weather. more to come today for sure. christine. >> unbelievable few weeks. thanks, chad. >> it's crazy. we were down there a few weeks ago covering the tornado in moore with those thunderstorms knocking us off the air in the morning. they're still getting hit just every day with them. >> then the hurricane season. hurricane season coming up. unbelievable. ahead on "starting point" a shocking response from chrysler after the feds recommend chrysler recall more than 2.5 million jeeps on the road. chrysler is saying no. a murder mystery in kansas. a husband accused of killing his wife and setting their home on fire. he says his wife set the blaze and then committed suicide. nancy grace breaks down this bizarre case. plus, we're joined by star
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jones. her friend's sister murdered. the body left in a lake. she's asking anyone with knowledge to come forward. all that and more after the break. [ female announcer ] what does the anti-aging power of olay total effects plus the perfecting color of a bb cream equal? introducing the newest beauty trend. total effects cc cream c for color. c for correction. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging flawlessly. cc for yourself.
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dramatic dash cam video is the center piece at the trial of a hero cop accused of killing his wife. cnn's ted rowlands has that story from kingman, kansas. >> reporter: this is brett seacat in action as a kansas sheriff's deputy in 2006. at the time, seacat was congratulated for subduing an unruly defendant in a courtroom. now he's the one on trial for murder in the death of his wife and high school sweetheart, vashti. prosecutors say seacat used this 44 magnum handgun to kill his wife as she slept in their bed. then with their 4 and 2-year-old boys still in the house they say he started this fire to destroy evidence.
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>> brett! >> i'm here! >> where are you at? >> a police dash cam recording shown to jurors tuesday picked up the voice of seacat telling an officer that his wife killed herself and that she's the one that started the fire. >> she's dead. she shot herself. her [ bleep ] head's gone. seacat told investigators in a seven hour videotaped interrogation his wife who had just filed for divorce killed herself because she was depressed. seacat's half brother robert testified that was evident to him in the days before her death. >> she acted depressed. she looked like she'd lost a great deal of weight. looked sleepy and acted depressed. >> reporter: seacat's defense is expected to argue that her depression may have been caused by the diet supplement hcg, a hormone produced by pregnant women used for weight loss they claim vashti was taking before her death. three friends and a therapist testified that vashti had lost weight but was excited about her
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post-divorce life ahead without her husband. when court resumes, a defense handwriting expert will be on the stand in an attempt to refute the prosecution's claim that brett seacat forged his wife's suicide note. it's also expected seacat will at some point testify on his own behalf. cnn, kingman, kansas. >> we want to talk more about this case with nancy grace. she's the host of hln's "nancy grace," of course. also a former prosecutor. nancy, the prosecution, they finished their case yesterday. they talked a lot about brent seacat. raised a lot of questions. a lot of people talking about the tone of voice you hear seacat use on the tapes. now it's the defense's turn. can they overcome what the prosecution laid out? >> i think they're off to a good start with the half brother who was a former police officer as well. he says that the morning after vashti was found dead that seacat was shaky. but very stoic. almost militaristic.
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he also knew vashti very well. he said that vashti seemed depressed and sleepy. i predict what they're going to try to do is tie in this hcg. a lot of people aren't familiar with that. i had to research it myself. it's human koronic gonodatropin. a very common diet aid. they found that all over the house. one of the side effects according to the defense is depression. but even with that, i don't think they're going to be able to overcome the prosecution's testimony. the prosecution evidence. i mean, come on. he called his marriage counselor almost immediately after the murder and said, i killed her. now, he's trying to say that that was more theoretical, that he killed her with his verbal and emotional abuse. but come on. please. i killed her? >> okay. i know this is -- the interesting thing about this trial in particular is his own words, both in the dash cam video and also in the video with
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his interrogation, initial investigation. a lot of people saying he doesn't sound very sincere. sounds like he's almost acting. the question will be what he looks like when he takes the stand. i want to turn to the murder, though, of rosaline ransom lee. friends calmed her rhonda. nancy, yesterday we spoke to you about this case. we want to bring in now star jones this morn ing. she's a friend of richelle ransom, rhonda's sister. star, why did you reach out to nancy for help in this case? >> when my girlfriend, richelle, let me know that she had lost her sister in such a tragic and horrific manner, i immediately knew that the way we were going to help the investigation move forward would be to bring some attention to the case. i've worked in media for now over 20 years, and i know how this thing works. and so in my efforts to comfort richelle, i wanted -- you feel very helpless in that situation. i love richelle with all my heart. she's my sor rorty sister. i said to her, would you allow
4:19 am
me to use my friends and colleagues in the media and ask for their help. she said go right ahead. i sent out 150 e-mails and letters. i posted to my facebook. and literally within an hour of sending out a letter to my friend nancy grace, you know nancy hit me right back. what can i do? i have children of my own. and i identify with this woman. and that's what i wanted people to do. i wanted people to know that rhonda, which is what her family calm e called her, was a person who leaves three children in a tragic set of circumstances. and that we want attention on this case so that we can find the people who did it. >> the tragic set of circumstances, her body was found in a lake in a very public area outside detroit. star, you've spoken now to the sheriff's department there. can you give us the status on the investigation? >> well, the investigation is actually moving forward. the sheriff wanted to assure me that, quote, he was dogging this case. those were his words. he said, star, i've got the best
4:20 am
people on this. i am using everything at my fingertips. we're going to use all the investigative techniques we have from polygraphs to dna analysis to every single aspect. and he wanted to assure me, and i actually wrote it down. he said, we intend to solve this and hold the person who did it accountable. and i told him i was going to hold him to that. because oftentimes we don't hear about these kinds of cases. but rhonda was a very loved person with her family. my girlfriend richelle talked about her constantly. she could have been my sister. and i want people to understand that these are cases that matter to somebody. and they should matter to us all. women have to be thought of as needing to be protected no matter what color, creed, religion, age, we deserve the protection. >> nancy, you've seen far too many cases like this. what do you think will help solve this? >> well, i think that someone
4:21 am
out there knows something. as is so true in many cases. however, that somebody may not realize what they know. think about this body of water. it was only 12 acres big. and it was in the middle of a residential community. it was not so much a lake where you would go boating or fishing. it was a center piece for a residential area. i really believe that someone saw the perpetrator with rhonda. and i think it's going to be pieced together. >> star, tell us, what should people try to rack their brains for? what do the sheriffs want? what time of day? what do they think might have happened there? >> the sheriff said to go back to the entire memorial day weekend. think about where you were. if you were in that pontiac, michigan, area. anywhere around the lake terry area. if you saw a white van at all. if you were outside taking video of friends. because that was a holiday weekend. and you might have a photograph or video on your camera that you
4:22 am
don't know about. go back through that particular weekend. if you can remember whether or not you heard any loud voices raised. you didn't think of anything at the time. you know, thought maybe a little boyfriend or girlfriend dispute. that's what the sheriff is looking for. they want to be able to send their forensic team out to alternative areas to find out if there was any forensics that could lead to the perpetrator. you know, for me, i know that the police are doing what they're supposed to be doing. my job at this point is to now do what i can do. and i don't want another family to suffer the way the ransom family is. there's so much bureaucracy that goes on after a tragic death if you don't plan for it. so i have created what i've termed rhonda's rules. and it is a checklist for women who might find themselves in this situation when the unthinkable happens. you can go to my website tr free.
4:23 am click on star's corner. you will have the checklist. >> you're a good friend. star jones, thank you so much for being with us. nancy grace, thank you for your insight on this case. we do have this one programming note. stay tuned for nancy's special on hln at "nancy grace: behind bars." that airs tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. this just in. a senior administrative official tells cnn's jessica jellen that tom don lin will be resigning as president obama's national security adviser and will be replaced by susan rice. more on that as it develops. >> essential, that job does not require any kind of senate confirmation. the problems she had when she was, you know, people thought she might become the secretary of state, they do not exist here. keep that in mind. ahead on "starting point," michelle obama confronted by a heckler at a speaking event. wait until you hear how the first lady handled the situation. let's just say she doesn't have much patience for disruption. not like her husband does. meanwhile, passengers aboard a routine flight from singapore to london last week jolted. their plane hitting a rough patch of air. look at the results here.
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welcome back to "starting point." minding your business this morning, the super tuesday rally is over. the dow had posted gains for 20 tuesdays in a row. but concerns about the slowing global economy hit stocks yesterday. today dow futures are down -- >> it was good until you started talking about it. you ruined it. >> i should have kept my mouth shut. yesterday we told you about that tuesday rally. >> look what happened. >> look what happened. some apple products could soon be banned.
4:28 am
the iphone iphone 4, ipad and ipad 2 at&t versions only after the international trade commission voted those products violated a samsung patent. apple is appealing. the ban only goes into effect if the decision is upheld. some analysts say it shouldn't hit the company's bottom line too much because it doesn't hit new or popular models. it is a blow for apple in what has been an endless patent war with samsung. ahead on "starting point," the first lady heckled by a protester. how did she handle it? wait until you see how she took care of the situation. [ female announcer ] crest + scope
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♪ ♪ s'il vous plait [ male announcer ] this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back to "starting point," everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. vice president joe biden and former secretary of state hillary clinton will be among the speakers for the funeral of frank lautenberg.
4:32 am
he was the oldest member of the senate and the last world war ii veteran. real milestone. he'll be buried friday morning at arlington national cemetery. meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie announcing he will appoint an interim replacement for lautenberg's senate seat. as for a permanent replacement, the governor has scheduled a special election for october. just weeks before the general election. meanwhile, take a look at this nbc news "wall street journal" poll showing christie's crossover appeal. 40% of republicans, 41% of independents, and 43% of democrats all see the governor in a positive light. >> more democrats than republicans? >> i'm sure it's within the margin of error. still, marginally more democrats than republicans. >> look at the negative. 16% of republicans say negative. only 10% of democrats. >> that is pretty broad based appeal for any politician. that would be the envy of any politician anywhere. >> and the october election date helps who most? >> it helps chris christie most. it really helps chris christie
4:33 am
only. top republican under fire this morning for what he said about sexual assaults in the military. during a hearing tuesday georgia's saxby chambliss said hormones may be partly responsible for the epidemic of sex assaults in the armed forces. >> the young folks that are coming into each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23. gee whiz. the level of -- the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. >> well, that suggests that most sexual assaults happen among that age category, then? >> it's an interesting analysis by the senator. >> it true a sharp review from both sides of the aisle. ohio republican congressman mike turner who co-chairs a caucus on military sexual assault said that that kind of thinking helps perpetuate the problem. >> bipartisan criticism for saxby chambliss. what do you think about how first lady michelle obama handled a heckler at a
4:34 am
fundraising event in washington on tuesday? during her prepared remarks, a woman started interrupting mrs. obama. the first lady shot right back at the protester, telling her she could either, quote, listen to me or you can take the mike. but i'm leaving. you all decide. you have one choice. the protester, a gay rights activist, was quickly escorted out of the room. >> a violent altercation between a washington state woman and two police officers captured on a 911 call. as 36-year-old meghan graham was being arrested, she called police claiming an officer was brutally attacking her. the entire scuffle was recorded by the police dispatcher. >> 911. >> i'm being attacked by this man. he says he's a police officer. >> reporter: for washington state resident meghan graham, what began as a routine traffic stop with federal way police turned into what she calms a brutal assault. >> it escalated into what the heck happened? >> reporter: according to this
4:35 am
police report officer justin anthold says the traffic stop took a turn for the worst when graham got out of her car and refused to get back in. he says he kbrabed her by the wrist but she managed to pull away. their argument was captured on the police 911 tape. >> no, you attacked me before you said anything. no. you attacked me. you grabbed my hand. you're twisting it. >> reporter: graham told cnn affiliate kiro that she suffers from cognitive and hearing disabilities and never heard what the officer may have said. >> i told him what i had. i told him what's going on, that i couldn't understand what was happening. he said, it doesn't matter. you assaulted an officer. now you're going to jail. >> there is no point whatsoever for you to touch me like that! especially with my condition! so how dare you even touch me! i need him arrested. i want a civilian arrest for this man. >> no. put your hands behind your back. do it now. >> excuse me? >> reporter: during the scuffle
4:36 am
another officer, ashley crispin, responded to antholt's call for backup. during her testimony she observed graham reaching behind the officer's head. officer crispin used closed fist strikes to megan's face area. >> i'm not resisting! >> this man starts hitting me. each time he hit my face, stop resisting, stop resisting! i'm not resisting. >> reporter: the officers then took graham down, handcuffed her and booked her for assault of a police officer, obstruction and resisting arrest. in a statement to the media chief brian wilson with the federal way police department said we are committed to a thorough and complete investigation into this matter. it is important for all of the facts and circumstances to be known. a use of force review has been initiated as well. we also spoke with meghan graham's husband. overnight he told us eyewitnesses say megan never struck the officers. he wanted to pass along megan's
4:37 am
message that the police provide a valuable public service. they are still people and they sometimes make mistakes, for which the community should hold them accountable. however, we should not let incidents like these destroy our trust in our public servants. a former miss america getting into politics. era herald kicked off her primary campaign yesterday for the illinois house seat now held by freshman republican rodney davis. herald was crowned miss america back in 2003. she's not the only former miss thinking about a political career these days. heather french henry, miss america 2000, has mentioned a z a possible challenger to mitch mcconnell in kentucky. remember this frightening moment from last month's billboard music award? single miguel attempted to leap over the crowd. but he came down hard on one fan's head. she seemed okay afterwards, even appearing with the performer backstage. now her attorney, though, says she's having cognitive difficulties. could have a neurological head injury. he says they're awaiting medical results. could still decide to sue. just add another wrinkle. tmz now reports that producers
4:38 am
warned the singer not to attempt the jump. no comment yet from miguel. >> wasn't a great jump, was it? >> definitely a misfire. >> lawsuit written all over it. ahead on "starting point," chrysler saying no to a recall of millions of its vehicles said to be plagued with faulty fuel tanks. hi why is chrysler saying no to the recall? food trays flying in the air in what's supposed to be a routine flight. this is the result. how bad things got on board. residents of one florida city trying to solve a big mystery. who among them won a $590 million powerball ticket? where's the winner? you're watching "starting point." ♪ this is the tempur-pedic innovation lab. it's like a front row seat to our latest technologies. here is where our engineers do their constant improving. we have helped over 7 million people fall in love with their tempur-pedic. and now for my favorite part of the tour.
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welcome back. chrysler digging in for a fight with federal safety regulators who've asked the company to recall millions of jeep vehicles with defective fuel tanks. chrysler's response, in a word? no. cnn's athena jones following the story. she's live for us this morning in washington. good morning. >> good morning, christine. this is an unusual story.
4:42 am
also an important one for anyone who's concerned about the government's ability to regulate our roads. >> reporter: in a rare act of defiance, car company giant chrysler refuses to recall almost 2.7 million vehicles. as requested by the national highway traffic safety administration. for nearly two decades, some jeep suv models have had a tendency to burst into flames after a rear end collision. the nhtsa is requesting that upgrades to the older models be installed to keep fires from starting. >> it's a bad design. if it's harmful to people and if it occurs repeatedly. that's all been the fact here. >> reporter: the models in question are 1993 to 2004 cheje grand cherokees and 2002 to 2007 jeep liberties. the company says it's been working with the government on the fuel tank fire issue since 2010. chrysler says their suvs met the
4:43 am
minimum standards for rear end collisions. but in a june 3rd letter from nhtsa to chrysler the agency said bluntly, quote, the existence of a minimum standard does not require nhtsa to ignore deadly problems. chrysler responded in a statement saying, we believe that nhtsa's initial conclusions are based on an incomplete analysis of the underlying data. and we are committed to continue working with the agency to resolve this disagreement. but it's the data that's scaring some consumer advocates. the center for auto safety says its data shows the risk of fire for a grand cherokee in the model years in question is more than 20 times greater than the risk in a comparable ford explorer. >> chrysler contends that their gas tanks on these vehicles were built according to government safety standards available at this time and basically that there is no problem. that the number of people who've died in rear end collisions is far lower than safety organizations are alleging. and that at any rate it's less than the industry average for
4:44 am
that type of vehicle built at that time. >> reporter: recalls aren't unusual. but thi is the first time since 1996 that an automaker has challenged a recall demand from the nhtsa. that case also involved chrysler. and the company prevailed in a two-year federal court battle. so we could have another fight on our hands. as one analyst said, chrysler is taking a risk by taking on the government. because even if they win this battle, there's no way to predict the impact all this could have on future sales. christine, john? >> thanks, athena jones. singapore airlines flight was about an hour into a routine flight from singapore to london last week when suddenly this happened. look at these photos taken after the plane experienced some severe turbulence in flight. the aircraft dropped about 65 feet in five seconds. 11 passengers were injured as well as one crew member. passenger allen cross took these photos. this is what he had to say about those terrifying moments on
4:45 am
board. >> just as we were about to have breakfast, the captain turned on the seat belt sign warning us that it was going to be a little bumpy for the next few minutes. then it got a little bumpier. he said he was going to ask the cabin crew to suspend breakfast service. the captain comes on a few minutes later and sort of barks at the cabin crew, flight attendants, please take your seats. i remember thinking that's kind of weird. that's a bit of a harsh tone coming from the cockpit. then suddenly it felt like we were in an elevator and somebody had cut the cable. the plane suddenly dropped this 50 or 100 feet and everything violently rocketed off all the tray tables into the ceiling. you literally felt your stomach go up through your throat. it happened so quickly, and the aircraft recovered so quickly, that there really wasn't any time to feel anything other than what just happened? when you look at the picture of the cabin crew sitting in their seats, that picture was taken probably 15 to 20 seconds after
4:46 am
i was aware enough to be able to pull my phone out of my pocket. the expression on the cabin crew's faces. yeah. this happens. we've been there, done that. once everything stopped shaking the captain came on and ordered the cabin crew to go and check on any injured passengers. when it became apparent that nobody was seriously injured or had been killed, which has happened in these incidents in the past, they went into cleanup mode. and they moved at the speed of light. first thing they did was clean up all the debris, all the glass, all the food that had been spilled all over the place. once that was out of the way, they put down blankets to absorb all the goo and to protect against any sort of broken glass that might be still on the carpet. once that was all carried away, they went to -- began scrubbing the ceilings, the walls. they handed out towels to the passengers so we could wipe ourselves off. it's about a 13-hour flight nonstop from singapore to london. and i was expecting to have a quick breakfast and then to curl up and have a long sleep. didn't quite work out that way.
4:47 am
>> first of all, alan cross, the most eloquent airline passenger in the history of flight. second of all, can you believe cleaning the coffee off of the ceiling in the airplane? cross says he feels lucky. he says he'll still fly but he will definitely keep his seat belt on at all times. that's a good idea. in a statement, the airline said singapore airlines flight 308 experienced moderate to severe turbulence enroute from singapore to london on 26 may. 11 passengers and one crew member sustained minor injuries when the aircraft experienced sudden loss of altitude and were attended to by medical personnel at arrival at heathrow airport. the airline also stressed that the seat belt signs were on at the time. it seems like they did everything they could, everything right. there were 328 passengers and 26 crew members aboard the air bus a-380. >> have you ever been on a flight that had really terrible turbulence like that? >> sure. i've never been there when the meals got launched to the ceiling. that seems particularly bad. >> i've been on a flight when
4:48 am
the ipads, laptops, everything, everything, people were trying to find their phones from each other before. >> they can be dangerous. >> it's a reminder to keep the seat belt fastened. the flying stuff is what really worries me. ahead on "starting point," the talk of the town of one florida city. who among them might be $590 million richer? 2 1/2 weeks after the biggest drawing in power ball history, and no one has come forward to claim that prize. a live report just ahead. you're watching "starting point." >> the clock is ticking. i turned 65 last week.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
an eighth grade science crass has successfully launched an egg -- an egg, to the edge of space, it went up more than 109,000 feet in a high altitude balloon. more than 25,000 high. the young pioneers in egg aviation, brought the egg safely back to earth, landed about 217 miles from the launch site, in pasco, washington, where a parent and student were able to retrieve it. bill gates has all signed all
4:53 am
the students onto a future. >> one small step for egg, one giant leap for egg kind. somebody who bought a powerball ticket in central florida is the biggest powerball ticket in history. worth $590 million before taxes. does the lucky person even know that he or she or they have it? john zarrella on the case of the missing multimillionaire and joins us from zephyrhills, florida. the clock is ticking here, john. >> it is as soon as we got to town, people are coming up, what are you guys doing? did the powerball winner come forward? well, no, and threats tat's the of the story. maybe that guy has the winning powerball ticket. maybe it's her, or them. >> if i won that, you wouldn't see me. >> the winning $590 million
4:54 am
ticket was purchased that supermarket in zephyrhills, florida. that was two weeks ago, and still no one has come forward. oh, the speculation, someone at the walmart. an elderly couple. >> i heard it was a female, 23-year-old. maybe they don't know they have it. >> everybody thinks it's an old guy, or a drug addict. i've heard that. >> reporter: so what's the holdup? maybe i shouldn't use that word. but the silence is deafening. >> it will take some time. people do the smart thing, get a financial adviser, get everything in order. >> reporter: okay, but 2 1/2 weeks, really? don't you want your money? the clock is ticking. this is starting to look a little bit like zephyrhills version of where's waldo. there he is right there? no, i don't think so. the winner has 60 days to come
4:55 am
forward, if they take the lump sum payout or the whole enchilada annuity, they have six months, and as unbelievable as it may seem, what if no one claims the prize? the money distributed back to the 43 member states in proportion to their ticket sales. you know what? maybe the rest of us are better off losers. as they say, money can't buy you happiness. the states can put the money into the general revenue. in florida it goes to education, the money that comes back. and if somebody gave you 3$377 billion, i would like to test out that old adage, wouldn't you? >> yeah. yes, no question about that. john sfwlzarrella hunting for t winner in sfwl e winner. >> what if somebody, you know,
4:56 am
is in a coma and they have it in their pocket and they can't communicate, and tell somebody the winning ticket is in my pocket? ahead on "starting point," a major league scandal. the commissioner ready to suspend 20 players for doping, live with the latest. >> remember this stomach-churning picture of a taco bell employee, making out with a stack of taco shells? it turns out the company doesn't like it when you do that. more in the next hour.
4:57 am
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our "starting point," major league scandal. here we go again. the mlb rocked by a steroid scandal. some of the league's top players could face suspensions. how big is this going to get? we'll find out. bran nd new this morning. susan rice will be the national security adviser. the big news? she does not need senate confirmation for the post. jake tapper explains. and a heckler goes after michelle obama and loses.
5:00 am
how the first lady handled a protester who disrupted her speech. this could be the largest sharker caught. check out the teeth. imagine reeling in this killing machine. the picture and stories what it took to make this killer catch, coming up. good morning. i'm christine romans. wednesday, june 5th. welcome to "starting point" this morning the founder of a miami area anti aging clinic could right the next chapter in the major league baseball steroid chapter. tony bosch is set to talk to major league baseball and it could lead to 20 players, big names, to be suspended. the list includes ryan braun, yankees alex rodriguez. two past mvps, two of the sport's biggest stars. pamela brown outside yankees
5:01 am
stadium, where alex rodriguez at least used to play. >> reporter: that's right. john this is a big development in this ongoing story. the fact that tony bosch will sit down, talk to investigators, at the center of this widening steroid scandal, one of the richest players in bauble history, as well as one of the league's most valuable players, this may be one for the history books in american sports and certainly a record breaker that no player wants to be part of. espn is reporting that major league baseball, preparing for an unprecedented wave of player suspensions, including yankees star alex rodriguez and brewers ryan braun. rodriguez, brawn, and 18 others are linked to this scandal. brian braun refused to talk about it after the game. >> i'm not answering any further
5:02 am
questions. i've dealt with it over the last year and a half and aside from that i don't have anything further to say. >> joe gerrardi peppered with questions after a post-game news conference. >> we all hoped we had got through it, but obviously we're not through it yet. >> reporter: major league baseball issued this statement, following the espn story. we can't comment on an ongoing investigation. espn reports that tony bosch, the founder of this now closed clinic near miami has reached an agreement to cooperate. bosch's biogenesis clinic was a pipeline. >> they were selling a lot of hgh, a number of other drugs that are widely banned in sports. >> representatives for alex rodriguez, issued a denial after the january report. the news reports about the purported relationship between
5:03 am
alex rodriguez and anthony bosch are not true. rodriguez was never treated by bosch, never treated by him and was never advised by him. players could be suspended for 100 games. if upheld, suspensions may be the large nest american sport history. a-rod fans, disappointed. >> i looked up to him, and i really liked him. and it just saddens you kind of. >> reporter: not only the legacy of the baseball giants at stake, but more importantly, that of america's pastime. >> i worry about baseball being affected. as a game. the whole thing, and what it's been through in the last 15 years and that's my concern. >> a-rod has denied using any performance enhancing drugs since he played for the yankees. under the contract, made $28
5:04 am
million important to note that players don't get paid for suspended games. again, we're still waiting to see what happens here. bosch yet to sit down with investigators, not sure when that's going to happen. >> pamela brown, huge developments. another chapter in the so-called steroid era. what could be the worst drug scandal we've ever seen in american sports. rachel nichols. the biogenesis clinic, first flagged back in january. tony bosch's cooperation must be critical here. >> they haven't been able to go forward without him. anybody can write down last of major league baseball players, make some notations next to it. you understood him to swear that
5:05 am
he delivered to, and maybe even injected those players with those performance-enhancing drugs. investigators are hoping he might be able to provide more niz call evidence, receipts, phone call records, maybe even some sort of dna evidence. because this is certainly going to be something that's adjudicated. they can issue suspensions all they want. players are going to appeal them and if this is just a he said/he said, we might not see suspensions stick. evidence crucial here. cooperation certainly the first step. can't do this without him, but they are hoping he can give them even more. >> a go ahead point about the he said/he said. bosch told espn, that he had no knowledge of performance-enhancing drugs. this is an about-face. >> major league baseball very serious about the investigation. they were slow to react to steroids in the entire scandal over the last 15 years. certainly have caught up and
5:06 am
being a leader and they want to prove it. spent over $1 million in the investigation, had teams of people down here in miami and filed an extensive civil suit against bosch, it would cost him a tremendous amount of money. he was backed in the corner with the cooperation. dropping the civil suit. will tell authorities he is a cooperative witness, but, again, that's a challenge, players will say in the appeals process, hey, this guy has bought and paid for. of course he is going to say whatever they want him to say. evidence crucial. >> just going to start to get very interesting, ten years into this scandal. thanks, rachel nichols. a major shuffle in the president's foreign policy team. jessica yellin is told that tom donilon will be resigning and replaced by susan rice, ambassador to the united nations.
5:07 am
they don't require senate confirmation, problematic when rice's name float for a cabinet position. and rice's replacement looks like it will be samantha powers, a former white house aide and harvard professional. and kathleen sebelius is asking lawmakers to set aside a policy that makes it difficult for a child to get an adult lung. changing it could push others lower on the list. sebelius ordered a policy review. but any change could take up to two years. >> following all kinds of extreme weather across the country. let's get you up to speed now. authorities now believe a tree that fell on the power lines may have sparked a wildfire burning in new mexico. it has scorched more than 86 miles so far.
5:08 am
a levee breach forced evacuation in missouri. and in south carolina, a chicken farm was damaged from a tornado. and 19 people killed in oklahoma in last friday's storm. unbelievable. this tornado in el reno, widest tornado ever recovered in the u.s. ever. hearing in governor chris christie has set a primary date in august to fill frank lautenberg's seat. but the october special election has people really talking. why it's rubbing some in his party the wrong way. and we'll talk about the latest news that ambassador susan race will replace tom donilon as national security adviser. michelle obama get into a war of words with a heckler what
5:09 am
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welcome back, everyone. former secretary of state hillary clinton and vice president joe biden will speak at the funeral for new jersey senator frank lautenberg. the oldest member of the senate, last remaining world war ii veteran when he died on monte age of 89. new jersey governor chris christie will appoint an interim replacement, and he has set a special election to fill that seat permanently. the date for that is october. and that is causing quite a stir.
5:13 am
cnn's jim acosta reports. >> reporter: it was vintage chris christie as the new jersey governor running for re-election celebrated victory in the state's republican primary. >> new jersey will lead america to a new era of honesty, responsibility. and prosperity and we'll do it together. >> reporter: but it's another race in new jersey that's stealing the spotlight. the one christie himself set to replace the late senator frank lautenberg. opting against the appointment of a republican to serve out the remainder of the term, chris christie opted to set an election three weeks before his own election. >> i understand the advantage to me if i was the person who decided who would fill the senate seat for 18 months, but i didn't feel comfortable doing
5:14 am
that. >> reporter: critics say the decision is all about christie, saying that cory booker, the democratic favorite, off the november ballot. >> i'm cory booker. >> why? big democratic turnout for booker could help barbara buono, who in her ad says she's not that well known. >> let me be clear, this guy is bono, i'm barbara buono. >> reporter: christie shrugged off the charge. the special election, costing almost $24 million benefits booker. no surprise, democratic and republican leaders in the senate had different reactions. >> i won't question the path that he has chosen. >> i'm happy with what he's done. >> reporter: who will be named as temporary replacement until the october election, the
5:15 am
governor's office says no decision made. an adviser to cory booker says the mayor will make his decision at the appropriate time. one top gop strategist said "it would have been very helpful had christie waited until 2014." jim acosta, cnn, washington. let's bring in cnn's jake tapper. host of "the lead." john berman keeps telling me the biggest winner in all of this is chris christie, do you agree? >> there are certain advantages to what he did. he can make the case to new jersey democrats and independents that he is not beholden to the republican party in washington, d.c. he did not do what they wanted him to do. which is appoint a republican in that seat. it helps him in making his pitch for re-election in a democratic state. and then also by having this special election take place in october, as opposed to in
5:16 am
november, he avoids having a very popular democrat on the top of the ticket, presumable that will could be cory booker, if cory booker wins the primary, and it helps, benefits christie to not have booker at the top of the ticket. bringing out democratic based support for him. it benefits him to be the top of the ticket for the own ballot, which means he gets to run up the margin of victory, assume he beats buono which most people believe he will. and also his coattails are the ones on top of the ballot, meaning more of a republican legislature for him to deal with. yes, this benefits chris christie, although jim acosta's piece makes very clear, he did not make a lot of friends among conservative activists much they think this is another move of chris christie doing what's best for chris christie, and not the
5:17 am
republican party. >> and a major shuffle just breaking this morning. national security adviser tom donilon out and susan rice in as national security adviser. explain the significance of this? >> tom donilon part of the president's team. started out as deputy national security adviser, went up to national security adviser, an immensely influential and powerful figure behind the scenes. he doesn't have a public presence very often. susan rice, people know her well because of the benghazi scandal, she has been a very close adviser to the president, a close friend and aide. this is going to be seen by republicans as yet another act of defiance by president obama. not a position that requires senate confirmation. it puts somebody with a different portfolio when it comes to foreign policy as
5:18 am
national security adviser, she advocates for intervention in genocide. and tom donilon has been focused on asia, and we have the asia pivot, the turn to asia policy. and also in terms of politics, susan rice because of the benghazi controversy, fairly controversial and there will be a lot of republicans complaining about the move today, but there is nothing they can do about it, the position doesn't require senate confirmation. >> and a big move at the united nations, ambassador to the united nations. some people remember from campaign history. >> samantha powers. her claim to fame should be that she wrote this pulitzer-prize winning book ognjeno side. but she was a foreign policy
5:19 am
aide and in an interview to british television, referred to hillary clinton as a monster. the clinton campaign demanded she resign. she did, but the truth of the matter is, she has remained a very influential person within the obama foreign policy establishment, again, somebody very active when it comes to advocating u.s. intervention, to prevent loss of life abroad. i'm not surprised by either of these moves today. both of them i think have been in the works for some time. >> jake tapper, "the lead" with jake tapper. >> 4:00 today, every day. ahead on "starting point." chrysler telling federal safety regulators it will not recall millions of jeeps on the road believed to be dangerously faulty. why they are rejecting the recommendation? >> and the taco bell employee seen making out with a stack of
5:20 am
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welcome back to "starting point." minding your business. brand new data on the job market. adp says private sector employment added 135,000 in may. both numbers show the job market still sluggish this is seen as the precursor from the big jobs report on friday which is expected to show 165,000 jobs added. dow futures down about 50 points. nearly 250,000 toyotas recalled. here at home, the recall includes the prius and lexus hs 250h, 2010 model year. no reports of death or injury.
5:24 am
but complaints about drivers needing to press hard on the brake pedal. affected owners, notified by mail. they will contact you. toyota stock down nearly 3%. chrysler is refusing to recall 2.7 million jeep grand cherokees and liberties. the national highway traffic safety administration, recommending a recall of vehicles after reports of hundreds of fires and deaths. ith the first time since 1996 that an automaker has challenged a recall. chrysler believes the government's concludes are "based on an incomplete analysis of under lying data." chrysler continues to work with the government. most of the fatalities occurred because the vehicles were involved in high-speed crashes, not because of a problem with the car. all right. an update on the taco bell worker, the fresh one who got awfully friendly with a stack of taco shells. check out this picture. an employee, yes, licking, making out with a stack of taco
5:25 am
shells. he's been fired. those shells never made it to customers, used in training and never served this is interesting, though. the photo taken for a contest showing workers enjoying a new product, which he clearly did. we need to find out more. >> if it was part of a photo contest to show how much love your product, why are you fired? >> you can't love them more than that. going to first base with the tacos, loving some tacos. miley sicyrus, satisfied toe singing about cocaine and ecstasy in her new single "we can't stop." >> everyone in line in the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom. everyone in line in the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom. and she sings about dancing with molly, which is slang for
5:26 am
ecsta ecstasy. check out the racy pics. the video debut next week. and the first lady, michelle obama, engaging in a little verbal sparring with a heckler. who do you think won? quite possibly the biggest shas shashg ever caught ever, 15 miles off the coast of southern california. more on the shark catcher's ordeal, just ahead. you're watching "starting point." with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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lennox mobile app with an energy-savings calculator. ♪ if your current system is 10 years or older, start planning now. and take advantage of special financing. so call now to get up to sixteen hundred dollars back. or 12 months deferred interest on select lennox home comfort syems. offer ends june 14th. and download our free lennox mobile app. ♪ lennox. innovation never felt so good. welcome back to "starting point." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. >> president obama will address the shuffle of foreign policy staff at 2:15. a change on the foreign policy front, with news that susan rice will replace tom donilon as national security adviser, and
5:30 am
then ms. power will take over susan rice's position. chaos erupted in oakland sunday when a masked gunman began firing at a crowd in broad daylight. the teen, later identified as 17-year-old david manson junior lay on the sidewalk. after firing several shots, the gunman walks up to the boy, shoots him several times at point-blank range. so far, no arrests. demands for an apology. during a hearing on sexual assault in the military, georgia's saxby cham lis say hormones may be partly responsible for the epidemic. >> the young folks coming into each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23. gee whiz, that's the level of -- the hormone level created by
5:31 am
nature, sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. >> hormones. that drew a sharp review from both sides of the aisle. mike turner who co-chairs a caucus on military sexual assault says that kind of thinking helps perpetuate the problem. the commanders of every military branch argued against a change to the way that sexual soughts are handled. first lady michelle obama handled a heckler just fine at a fund-raising event in washington tuesday. during her prepared remarks, a woman started interrupting mrs. obama. the first lady shot right back at the protester, telling her this. >> we have an obligation to stand up for those kids. and i don't care what you believe -- wait, wait, wait. one of the things -- one of the things that i don't do well is
5:32 am
this. one of the things -- >> the protester, a gay rights activist, quickly escorted out of the room. lawyers for an ex-state department worker accused of leaking national security secrets to a reporter, say employees didn't get proper search warrants. one warrant suggested that james rosen from fox news could be a coconspirator in a crime, rosen has not been charged. some critics claim attorney general eric holder lied before congress in this case. republican lawmakers want him to respond to that today. phil bryant raising the rising number of working mothers for america's declining education system. bryant was participating in a forum yesterday. listen to his response on why
5:33 am
the state of schools are so mediocre. >> i think parents became -- both parent started working and the mom is in the workplace, not a bad thing, and i am going to get in trouble. i can see the e-mails tomorrow. >> mississippi republican governor says he believes the lack of investment in our schools also contributing to the decline. a stunning end to the trial of the defendant who was called the female james bond. 47-year-old kelly sue park showed no emotion as a jury declared her not guilty in the 2008 murder of an aspiring actress, but the victim's family had plenty to say. the emotional reaction to the verdict. >> find the defendant, kelly sue park, not guilty. >> minutes after the stunning acquittal. >> go to h enchell, whore! murderer! >> quiet! >> without speaking to reporters, the distraught family
5:34 am
of julianna reading left court. >> reading came to california to pursue a modeling and acting career. she appeared in a music video, landed small acting roles. she was just 21 when she was strangled in her condo in 2008. a stunning twist to the case. kelly sue park was called the female james bond. the muscle they contended hired to kill the woman by a doctor who dated reading briefly. and prosecutors say that the doctor left the country after park's arrest. park was nabbed after a dna was found at the murder scene. park's attorneys shortly after the verdict, told us that the dna evidence was inconclusive. and that the 47-year-old park wasn't strong enough to strangle a 21-year-old victim with her bare hands. >> there is nothing to be happy here. perfectly understandable what
5:35 am
the victim's family is going through. this is a dreadful murder. our client didn't do it. >> reporter: the l.a. district attorney's office did not speak on camera. we fought hard and fair in the court of law to obtain justice. although we disagree with the verdict, we respect our system of justice. legal analysts say that juries have a harder time convicting a woman. little comfort to julianna reading's family in this case. >> gloria allred, were you surprised by this verdict? >> one never knows what a jury is going to do, we find that not only in the los angeles area, but we find that across the country. a heavy burden that a prosecutor has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. in this case, the prosecutor obviously believed they had overwhelming dna evidence, and
5:36 am
juries often because of the csi effect, really will rely on that dna evidence, but enough doubt raised by the defense that somehow the dna evidence could have been transferred, at some other time, and was not because of their client murdered the victim. >> clearly some kind of confusion going on with this jury. at one point they say to the judge, i believe, your honor, that there are members of the jury not following your instructions and are basically saying we don't care what the law says. we are going to decide how we want to decide. that was the jury foreman before the verdict. the judge sent them back to deliberate some more. what does it tell you about the jury? >> it tells me they had a lot of doubts. often they have a lot of doubts factually and say we can't follow the judge's instructions, and the judge's instructions are, of course, to apply the law. here is what the law is. sometimes jurors have trouble understanding exactly what that jury instruction, what the law
5:37 am
is as applied to that case. so they do have a duty to apply the law, but they are the finders of fact and if they don't think it fits the law, or they don't understand the law, then usually doubt will be resolved in favor of the defendant. >> park's dna found on the neck of the victim is this a case that this jury, for whatever reason, couldn't believe that a woman could strangle to death another woman who was 20 years younger than she was? >> it may be that's exactly what the case is, that sometimes there are gender stereotypes going on. sometimes those gender stereotypes favor a female defend. sometimes they hurt a female defendant. we won't know unless and until all jurors speak, which, of course, they have no duty to do. they may choose to speak, may not. but this is very hard on the victim's family, they had high expectations. they could still file a civil lawsuit.
5:38 am
and many victims don't know that, their burden of proof is much less. only have to prove the case by preponderance of the evidence, or to get punitive damages by clear and convincing evidence. they don't have any duty to do so, may choose to do so, however. >> a lot unusual about the verdict, thousand went down. outburst in court which you don't see all the time. and you saw the lawyer goes back, make additional arguments about second degree murder, is that unusual? >> it is unusual for them to go back, perhaps that's because the jury foreman was indicating that the jury was having trouble with the jury instruction, or understanding the law, so the judge gave them that second oprtunity. but, again, there is an acquittal. the prosecutor in the united states cannot appeal from an acquittal, as they can in some other countries and so the case is done. >> it is what it is. gloria allred, thank you so much. ahead on "starting point."
5:39 am
hln nancy grace goes behind bars to see how jodi arias is doing in jail. a preview coming up. a giant shark, really, really giant shark. the big negest in history, caug 15 feet off the shore of florida. that story, just after the break. at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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taking a look at top stories. james holmes, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. the move means holmes will undergo months of psychiatric evaluation. he was arrested moments after a massacre at a theater in aurora, colorado. prosecutors seeking the death penalty in the case. los angeles police officials determining the firing of officer christopher dorner was appropriate and his claims of racism and corruption in the department, unfounded. according to an associated press report. dorner died in a shoot-out with police in february after allegedly killing four people, including two officers. incredible, terrifying images of what could be the
5:43 am
biggest shark ever caught. this was reeled in by sports fish fishermen 15 feet off the coast of california. like eight feet in girth, weighs more than 1,300 pounds what has that thing been eating. one described it as a gigantic swimming nightmare. it took hours and a quarter mile of line to bring it on board. so world record or not, the shark will likely be no dated to research. i'm sure the shark would have wanted it that way. >> terrifying. the height of the summer travel season, and some of you might have booked what you hope will be your dream cruise, but will it be? cruiselines plagued with headline grabbing problems. deplorable, disgusting conditions. what's really going on in the cruise industry? drew griffith explains. >> reporter: deadly crashes.
5:44 am
stalls, fires. >> not a drill, not a joke. >> reporter: what is going on with cruise ships? according to critics of the cruise sympathy liindustry, lik attorney jim walker, we may never know. they register ships in small countries around the globe. necessity are reluctant to tell the public or u.s. government much of anything. >> it's a secretive industry that doesn't like to reveal the number of fires, collisions, disabled incidents. they like to keep that information secret. >> reporter: take a look at three recent fires. 2010 carnival "spleen for," registered in panama. the incident report done jointly by the u.s. and panamanians.
5:45 am
the report still not public. > the bahamas maritime authority is taking the lead on what has become known as "the poop cruise." and "grandeur of the seas," with a fire last week, same thing. don't expect much. >> no duty to comply. the overseeing body. international overseeing body, international maritime organization, the imo, can isse only recommendations. >> u.s. senator jay rack rockef has lobbied for tougher regulations of the cruise industry, with little results. >> when you are in a world of their own, you can do exactly what they want, and that's exactly what they do. >> reporter: since companies fly foreign flags, they don't have
5:46 am
to abide by strict u.s. regulations, even though they carry mainly u.s. passengers and operate out of u.s. ports. >> and not subject to u.s. labor laws. ahead on "starting point," hln nancy grace goes behind bars to shed light on jodi arias' life in jail. a preview of the report, just ahead. you're watching "starting point." (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right.
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we're getting new insight on jodi arias' life behind bars. nancy grace spent some time with hardened criminals. these women held on aggravated felony offenses in the arizona jail where jodi arias is locked up what fellow inmates have to about her may surprise you. >> bombshell tonight, we are in a verdict watch. >> no secret what nancy grace thinks about convicted murderer jodi arias. >> arias insists on crying buckets. >> reporter: but arias' fellow inmates have a different take. they don't see her as a
5:51 am
cold-blooded killer. >> sings really good. >> a really pretty voice. >> why do you say that? >> i don't know, it could be a facade. >> reporter: you spoke to fellow inmates, and they said they thought she was an amazing women. >> she did. because she lied to them, just like she lied to the jury. very charming, extremely charming and she can convince people. >> here in arizona. >> grace given unprecedented access to estrella jail, where she was given special access. she spent hours with hardened criminals, like the ones she helped lock up. grace says arias' fellow inmates have been tricked by the charm and think they must be a deeper reason for the murder of her on again/off again boyfriend. >> they don't go to the man and
5:52 am
do this crazy stuff. >> he was going to take another woman to cancun. >> nobody knows the real story. only god, her, and the man that's dead. >> talking to them violated a longstanding rule that i have had, and that is to never, ever get no suspects or defendants. >> reporter: breaking her rules helped grace see more human side to these inmates, many on the second or third stretch behind bars. >> the same old thing every day. >> same thing every day. >> same thing every day, every day. >> you know what their life is going to be like. does it make have you compassion, more compassion for them? >> did i have compassion for many of these women. when i walked out of those jailhouse doors and left them behind, i felt guilty. i could be with my children.
5:53 am
and it hurt me they could not. every one of those people i interviewed had good to them. >> you said you saw good in every one of the inmates. did it change your feelings about jodi arias? >> absolutely not. what was she thinking about in court? autopsy photos of him, slaughtered. she is thinking about hopping down in the chair and doing an interview. that's where her head is. i don't feel any sympathy for her. >> reporter: pamela brown, cnn, new york. >> a lot of insight. the first part of "nancy grace behind bars" airs tonight on hln at 8:00 p.m. "starting point," back in a moment. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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the ultimate collector's item. a real life light saber. every boy in america wants one of these. the diy laser guy on youtube posted a video, actually a pretty powerful laser that burns through paper, flash paper,
5:57 am
electrical tape. a second video shows it burning through steel wool, wood, and lighting an entire book of matches. clearly probably not a great toy of young ones. a bunch of budding young drake anthonys from lake bay, washington. they have launched an egg to the edge of space. the egg went up more than 109,000 feet in a high-altitude balloon. the young pioneers managed to bring it back safely, and 217 miles from the launch site. >> what happens to the egg? normally what happens in grand lakes, colorado, stays in grand lakes, colorado, but this story, this has had to get out, a moose getting friendly with a moose statue. and apparently in colorado, there is nothing wrong with that. here is jeanne moos.
5:58 am
northern colorado, a great place for a moose. nothing to do but eat, and, whoa, who is that hot number. >> only up since last month. >> a young moose curious about a bronze statue that looks like a moose. >> trying to mate with a statue. they are both male. >> reporter: bob's neighbors placed the statue on their property here in grand lakes and then left town. ever since, an amorous bull moose is courting the statue. he made a full-court press we can't quite show. >> is he in love. he nuzzles, kisses him, licks him, walks around. >> how many times has bob seen them moosing around? >> myself personally, four times. >> reporter: this is no one nightstand. who knew a statue bought for a couple thousand dollars would be
5:59 am
so irresistible. they were thinking of anchoring it it down. they are worried the real moose will get carriied away. the real moose quite the statue's weight. moose aren't the only ones making amorous miscalculations. >> there is a deer chasing you. >> not always easy giving a deer the cold shoulder. >> this is awkward. >> no more awkward than this. no privacy, unrequited love. enough to to milwaukee a moose say bull. maybe a little barry white would help. statue or not, can't get enough of your love, babe. ♪ i don't know, i don't know, don't know why ♪ >> jeanne moos. >> keep it up, moosy. >> cnn.
6:00 am
>> the moose is pregnant. >> you know, my grandma watches this show. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom," steroids and suspensions. a possible blockbuster move by major league baseball. >> i'm not answering any further questions regarding the whole situation. >> big names on the list? ryan braun, a-rod, 18 other players and the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs. >> we all hoped we had kind of got through it. >> it could be the largest wave of suspensions in sport history. we're at the miami clinic swirling at the center of the steroid storm. fire threat on four-wheel drive. jeep defying the government request to recall hundreds of thousands of cars, saying they are safe. >> chrysler contends their gas tanks on these vehicles


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